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Thursday, June 14, 2018

i am still here

''forgive them, even if they are not sorry'', found objects, 
plexi glass and led light, variable dimensions, 2018

''sometimes i still remember you'', found clothes, tire ups and plexi glass, 2018
  ''wish i had forty arms to hug you''. found teddy bears and fishing line on metal grid, 2017

 ''jacob's ladder'', clothes and glue, variable dimensions, 2018

''teddy cube I'', found teddy bears and glue, 2018
''five working days'', alarm clocks and wood

few works from my 4th solo exhibition in Athens ''i'm still here'' at Alibi gallery

Saturday, January 17, 2015

these are the reasons i live for...

 ''spray in a cage'' found objects
60x35x140cm 2014 private collection
''box of colours'' found objects: spray cans and silicone on wood
 58x172x25,5cm 2014 private collection
 ''Hendrix'' carved spray can 15x7cm 2014
private collection
 ''Morrison and Monroe'' carved spray can
each 17x7cm 2014 private collection
 ''play'' 96 soft toys, fishing line and wire grid variable dimensions 2014
private collection
 ''play'' head clamps and head map pins, silicone, fabric, foam on mdf wood
 81x61cm 2014 private collection 
''ψεμα'' nails, VHS tape, rope, dental floss, copper wire on wooden closet door 
66x134cm 2014 private collection 
 ''rainbow'' nails, emulsion paint on mdf wood
83x129cm 2014 private collection
''don't touch'' synthetic fur on wood 63x141cm 2014
''IC XC ΧΑΝΕΙ'' nails, rope, varnish paint and acrylic on wood
46x65cm 2014 private collection